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iClass Training in Madurai India

iClass Madurai Placement Benefits

  • Centralized Placement Support
  • 100% Placement Support
  • Placement Portal
  • Resume Preperation
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Mock Interviews
  • Interview Job Alerts
  • More than 1000+ Companies
  • Placement across India


iClass Madurai Reviews

Lalli on 2022-Jun-17
5 Star Rating: Excellent Rating: 5/5
I done Perl language course from iClass Training Noida . Very proffesional faculties and they are very friendly with student.

Madhukar on 2022-Jun-15
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
This Madhukar from Noida, I personally feel that iClass Training Noida center in Noida offers quality amazon web services certification education to get job soon.

Shashidhar on 2022-Jun-14
5 Star Rating: Excellent Rating: 5/5
I joined NPM (Node.js Package Manager) from iClass Training Noida in Sector 60, which is the best institute in Noida. iClass Training Noida provides great coaching to the student. The trainer is well experienced and to teach a course content easily. Thanks to iClass Training Noida.

Shalini on 2022-Jun-13
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
My self Shalini studied Backbone JS course in iClass Training Noida ,iClass Training Noida is really awesome experience.they also placed me in a good organisation.

Shanta on 2022-Jun-09
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
i gained Apache Ant knwoledge through iClass Training Noida and working independently on Apache Ant without much support.Thank Shanta

Pathin on 2022-Jun-07
5 Star Rating: Excellent Rating: 5/5
I was enrolled in Exchange server 2010 training at iClass Training Noida in Noida On professionalism iClass Training Noida in Sector 39A centre provide a great presentation on the topic that helped me to understand everything about Exchange server 2010 technology. Good knowledgeable staff and provided all kind of support.

Shakti on 2022-Jun-07
4 Star Rating: Very Good Rating: 4/5
Hi I am Shakti from Noida. I done ab initio course from iClass Training Noida . Really very good institute. All institute members are well behaved and very helpful

Sakaar on 2022-Jun-05
5 Star Rating: Excellent Rating: 5/5
I had completed CCNA in iClass Training Noida at Aghapur,Noida. I have improved my Knowledge. The Trainers are friendly persons and support me to write my own codes in each concepts and the Lab support also very useful for me to improve the concepts.

Mahbub on 2022-Jun-04
5 Star Rating: Excellent Rating: 5/5
iClass Training Noida in Sector 23 is one of the best institutes in Noida. I joined here for C# .NET Course training. Faculties are nice and helpful. I learnt lot of things from here and also got a job. Thanks for help me.

Deviprasad on 2022-Jun-03
5 Star Rating: Excellent Rating: 5/5
iClass Training Noida in Sector 5 is a best institute in Noida for VMWare lots of things to learn on network and got faculty to enrich knowledge in VMWare . The trainers are very good in explaining each chapters and practical sections.


Placement Training Support

Enquiry : +91 9672234513

Enquiry : +91 9672234514


Placement Training in Madurai - 100% Placement Assistance

iClass Madurai offers more than 45 training courses with 100% placement support in madurai. We focused on Job oriented training programs which helps our students to get a job as soon as they complete our placement trainings in madurai. Through our associated Network and support from InterviewDesk, we have placement more than 1200 students so far with 84% placement success rate. Our training programs and course contents are designed such a way to achieve every student's career goal. With strong presence across India and dedicated team of Placement support professionals we are able to achieve the high placement suceess rate when compared with any other training provider.

Technical Training + Soft Skills

soft skills training in madurai

Our training programs are focused on building our students expertise in technical skills as well as soft skills like communication, presentation skills, Interviewing skills, Team work skills and Complete personality development. We have set Soft Skill training as mandatory aspect for our students to go through as part of their training programs.

Resume Preparation

Resume Preparation Training & placement in madurai

We strongly believe that Resume should speak first. For all our students, with the support of our real-time trainers, every resume is written to get shortlisted in employer companies. We spend considerable amount of time and effort to draft our students resumes in a better to make it more presentable manner..

Mock Interviews

Mock Interview Training & placement in madurai

With the Support of Our industry experienced trainers and the industry professional network, we organize 3-5 mock interviews for every student to aware their strengths and weakness. The mock interviews include HR round, Technical round, Management Round with complete evaluation technical, communication, behavioral skills.

Real time Projects

Real Time training madurai

Our training programs include real time projects experience which will be shared our real time trainers working on the major projects from server administration, Banking, Telecom, E-commerce, Manufacturing industry experience. Students will get hands on experience with industry standards to face the interviews confidently. Certification

iClass Madurai Partnership with

We have associated with, an independent skill assessment and score certification organization which evaluates our training students knowledge level in all aspects and provides industry recognized certification.

Placement Support Companies - Partial List

iClass Madurai associated Placement Companies List

Student Placement Record in Madurai - List as on 27-Jun-2022 (Updated Monthly)

Training CourseTraining LocationNo. of Students Placed
Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Madurai687
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Madurai688
CakePHP Madurai690
Apache Sqoop Madurai696
Android Hacking Madurai709
CodeIgniter Madurai718
4D Animation Madurai719
Kaizen Madurai732
Oracle FCCS Madurai735
Apache Storm Madurai739
SUSE Linux Administration (SCA) Madurai743
ACCA Madurai747
Oracle Identity Manager (IDM) Madurai748
Real-Time Operating Systems RTOS Madurai749
NetBeans Madurai750
Chef DevOps Madurai753
Apache Kafka Madurai754
SEEBURGER Madurai771
Abacus Teacher Madurai775
2D Animation Madurai775
TDS Madurai776
DevOps Madurai779
Oracle Hyperion Planning Madurai780
BitBucket Madurai780
JIRA Madurai782
.Net MVC Madurai783
AC3D 3D modeling Madurai791
Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Madurai794
Microsoft Azure Madurai798
Board Bringup Madurai799
Appium Madurai800
VLSI Physical Verification Madurai800
Internal Quality Auditor Madurai812
Digital Animation Madurai818
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering AME Madurai819
Value Engineering Madurai823
NPM (Node.js Package Manager) Madurai825
ElasticSearch Madurai825
Ansys Madurai829
Adobe Madurai829
Hyperion DFM Madurai831
Aladdin 4D Madurai832
Mockito Madurai832
KnockoutJS Madurai833
Oracle 12c DBA Madurai833
Artifactory Madurai834
Backbone JS Madurai836
Maven Madurai838
C Animation Madurai841
Oracle Apps DBA Madurai841
NoSQL Madurai845
JUnit Madurai852
Spring Boot Madurai859
IntelliJ Madurai863
Apache Solr Madurai864
Hevacomp Mechanical Designer Madurai877
ClearQuest Madurai878
TestNG Madurai879
APIgee Madurai886
Dot NET Advanced Madurai887
Debian Linux Madurai890
Google Golang Madurai896
OKTA Madurai899
Juniper Madurai899